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The Ides of March

As March marches on we've been busy delving into the intricacies of layout. Who knew it could be so difficult to jump from point A to B? Nevertheless, we've mastered the fine art of imposition and have been busy laying out several projects for printing soon.

We've been up to all kinds of deviltry in the meantime, which we feel quite proud to have produced.

Our friends up at Epic Ales in Seattle just celebrated the release of their first beer, Simple Ale, and Last Word Press was proud to print the labels for them. We have another batch of labels to print soon, too. Check out their website and let them know you care...about beer...and stuff. Here's the link:

We also had the proud honor of printing and binding a book of poetry for the kindergarten/first grade class of Wendy Frankel-Reed at Lincoln Elementary in Olympia. The book was featured in the Lincoln Auction on Saturday March 6th and garnered funds for the continuing operation of the school. We'll upload photos of the book in a few days for everyone's perusal.

The Principia Discordia project is nearing completion and will be going to press in a week or so. After printing, we'll begin collating and binding the finished manuscript into book format. We're still up in the air on the cover, whether to letterpress it or create a new template for the offset press.

Meanwhile, we've been working under cover of national security on a book you'll either love or hate. We won't go into the details just yet, but you'll definitely hear about it. In the meantime, let us know of any strange, suited men asking questions they shouldn't be.

Beware the Fnords!
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