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New Titles from Last Word Press

History of May Day by Alexander Trachtenberg, 32 pp. Originally published in 1929 and reissued in many editions, this edition is published by Last Word Press in Garamond No. 8 in a revised format. A brief history of the struggles to establish working rights and the formation of a national day of action and solidarity, History of May Day offers readers a glimpse at labor history and efforts to corrupt and distort the workers' movement in the United States. This pamphlet also explores the foundation of Labor Day as a counter-balance to the workers' movement in order to subvert the workers. A nice addition to any labor library.


20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis by the Plan B Bureau; 16 page staple-bound pamphlet/zine. Originally published in Italian as Tesi sulla sovversione della metropoli, and later printed by the Institute for Experimental Freedom, this edition is printed and published by Last Word Press in Olympia, WA. The twenty theses in this pamphlet/zine explore the nature of the metropolis in relation to oppression and resistance, discussing how contrary forces co-exist within the confines of the metropolis, which is everywhere.
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