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Last Earth Distro Unearths Another Interview with Michael Hoy, Founder and Editor of Loompanics

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We plan on publishing a little zine or pamphlet of all the interviews with Michael Hoy we can dig up, as well as conducting our own one of these days. So if you come across one we haven't posted yet, let us know!

Thanks to Sunni at Sunni's Salon, for the rights to republish! Here's an excerpt, float on over to Last Earth Distro for the full text of the interview.

SUNNI: I think most freedom lovers have a similar story, don't you? We never seem to fit in, sometimes even with other freedom lovers. But, speaking of being young, who inspired and motivated you when you were young? Who do you count among your heroes?

MIKE: I have been inspired and motivated by lots of people, including Edgar Allan Poe, Ayn Rand, especially the brilliant and late Michael O'Donohue, and Lysander Spooner. My heroes include Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Paul Krassner, Michael O'Donohue, Lysander Spooner, Durk & Sandy, Pedr Lund of Paladin Press, my late father when he was young and strong, and Stewart Brand of The Whole Earth Catalog.
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