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Last Word Press Launches Etsy Storefront!

Finally, a place for just the things we make in our shop in Olympia, uncluttered by the bells and whistles and rags and tags of the used book world, untouched by the inept hands of our volunteers and co-workers at Last Word Books. Etsy provides the perfect platform for everything we create in the dark of night and call our own. Check us out and tell yer friends.

Last Word Press is located in Olympia, WA in the catacombs of Last Word Books. Last Word is more than a bookstore, more than the four walls that contain it. Those nattering naboobs of negativity have long declared the death of the printed word, but we refuse to let that happen. Using an antique letterpress, offset presses and digital copiers we are slowly cobbling together the foundations of a publishing empire. 

More than ever we believe in the need to invest in the traditions and habits of the printed word, to give voice to the lives and livelihood of a life that cannot be captured in pixels alone, a life that is more than the sum of its reading. With each our own story to tell we must capture that illusive spirit that lives between the lines and after the closing of the book of our days, where we all live past dreams and remembrances of things past.

The future of print is not dead, it's read!
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