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2012 Curious Calendar

Introducing the amazing, astounding, astronomical

2012 Curious Calendar!

Just in time for the end of the world!

Liberating "Holiday Free" design. No longer shall you be at the mercy of your calendar, celebrating holidays you don't even believe in. Now, with the patented "Holiday Free" design you can choose to write in the holidays and events you want to remember.

Never again will you have to suffer the weight of some boring Canadian holiday (Boxing Day) or celebrate the birth of some bloody worthless monarch/tyrant/president.

The 2012 Curious Calendar comes pre-packaged with unique software to allow for ease-of-use perusal of all 365+ days of the year at any time.*

*Offer good during daylight hours (not including eclipses) or in properly illuminated rooms with candles or incandescent bulbs.**
**Not included in the 2012 Curious Calendar.
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