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Serpent's Tooth: Kill the King

Our friend Ross Cowman over at Bicycle Records has been an avid gamer for years and has now developed his own game. Serpent's Tooth is a tabletop game where you and your friends create a story about a King in the twilight of his rule. One of you plays the King, who wields vast power over the Kingdom. The rest of you play members of the King's court. Each with their own hidden nature, and each with the ability to seize the King's power for their own. Through play you discover the fate of the King, the Kingdom, and what power does to the powerful.

If all goes well, Last Word Press will be printing the tarot-sized playing cards and score sheets this summer for the official rollout of Serpent's Tooth. While Ross has reached his funding goal through Kickstarter (one of our favorite micro-loan sites) there is still plenty of time left to help him out.
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