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RIP Barney Rosset

He was called a sexist, a pervert, a corrupter of youth, the Old Smut Publisher. He received death threats. He was sued countless times. He was the son of a rich, conservative banker. He was the champion of Free Speech. In the end, he was a publisher of books. Because of him we can say what we want, write what we want and print what we want. Without Barney Rosset these United States would not look the same. Thank you, sir.

All Dead Mormons

Here's a fantastic website for converting dead Mormons into homosexuals. Of course, you can't convert dead Mormons who died in the Holocaust because they aren't real Mormons. Fantastic!

Arkitypo 3-D Alphabet from Johnson Banks

Here's a rather interesting and cool project from Johnson Banks Design in London. Although not nearly as cool as this, one of our anonymous benefactors has been playing around with 3-D printing in order to fill out our block type sets. Check back in the future as we may start digitally carving our own block type sets and have them for sale.

Arkitypo: the final alphabet
The Arkitypo project came about when one of our clients, Ravensbourne, asked if we were interested in developing a research project to test and showcase the in-house 3d prototyping skills and technology at their site in Greenwich.

We suggested they do something typographic – just the briefest period of research revealed very few examples of prototyping merged with graphic design. So we set ourselves the brief to develop a 3d alphabet of alphabets. Each letterform is different, each in turn interprets its own alphabet.

For each letter we carried out extensive research, made drawings, built maquettes and did simple 3d visuals on our machines, before handing the ideas over to Ravensbourne’s team. Continue reading here.