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A Visit to the Ranch & other poems

Another new release from Last Word Press! A Visit to the Ranch & other poems by klipschutz (aka Kurt Lipschutz) is now available. klipschutz is the author of  Twilight of the Male Ego, The Good Neighbor Policy and The Erection of Scaffolding for the Re-Painting of Heaven by the Lowest Bidder, as well as This Drawn & Quartered Moon and ALL ROADS...But This One.

Kurt was recently in Olympia for the release of A Visit to the Ranch at Last Word (video coming soon!). This is the third original title from Last Word Press and its growing stable of poets/writers. Each one of these books is a great pride and joy to produce and we are constantly looking for more titles and writers to fill our growing stables.

These breezy, seemingly off-the-cuff poems gleam with a subversive intelligence. Sometimes baffling, puzzling, often quite funny, they are always lively and interesting–clusters of living language deftly captured on the page, objects created by “mouthing / fricatives & phonemes” while “eyeing dogwood blossoms” and “footing it beneath / an unimpeachably blue sky.

 ~Clemens Starck
author of Journeyman’s Wages
winner of the Oregon Book Award

A key figure stands behind many of these poems, whose humanity and accomplishment are alluded to in a number of ways: Charles Potts, whose contributions to the literary world as poet, essayist, and publisher are legendary…Like Potts, klipschutz is passionately erudite…His range of subject matter and concern is vast, and seems endlessly versatile, both in detail and in tone. his self-image as poet could be described through the line that has him “flying coach inside my cape.”

~James Bertolini (from the foreward) 
author of Ravenous Bliss: New & Selected Love Poems

Here's a selection of one of our favorite poems from the book:


The Dog & the Truck own the Freeway at Night,
Switching Lanes back & forth by the Moon,
An occasional Bug on four Wheels left or right.
The Dog & the Truck own the Freeway at Night,
Past Frontage Road, Billboard & Nothing. In spite
Of a Sky like a Dartboard Cartoon,
The Dove mourns in French & the Hawk rules the Night.
A Cash Cow jumps over the Moon.

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