Coming Soon

Last Word Press is pleased to announce the release of new titles for the Spring/Summer of 2019. These works of original poetry are poignant and dear to us, showcasing promising young poets and dear old friends. Theses collections mark a return to regular releases for us after a long and uncertain period of time spent slowly cobbling our resources back together. We hope you find in them that spark we saw when our own path seemed clouded and unsure.


All the Ferals Dogs of Los Angeles

This dos-a-dos double collection from New Zealand-born poet Benjamin Blake and U.S. poet Cole Bauer is an homage to the City of Angels. Blake and Bauer make L.A. their own while paying homage to a few other (in)famous denizens of the city, including John Fante and Charles Bukowski.


Interrogating Reality

Argentina Daley was a long-time resident of Olympia, Washington. Her booming laugh and wry sense of humor belied a keen sense of perspective making her a fine poet. Though she passed away before the release of these poems, she was widely published in literary journals and reviews throughout her life. 


When No One Was Looking

Helen Lucy Hulbert's poetry scratches at the surface of pain, picking away at the skin of a newly forming scar.