Train Song

Train Song


Brand New. Trade paperback (4.5" x 7"); 136 pages. Train Song by Walker Lee ©2015. Printed & published by Last Word Press in Olympia, WA.

“Psst!” Hitchhiker. “Wanna hear a story?” 

It’s hard to understand.

“I walked into 761 sunrises.”

Map lint. Road dust.

I went East.

It had been my honest attempt getting off the road. 
Other than a few road trips, one train ride, a jaunt to 
Chicago, hitchhiking down to LA once, and the odd 
camping trip or weekend bike tour, I had been in the 
same town for nearly a year and a half.

It was the longest I had lived anywhere since I was seventeen.

And it capsized spectacularly.

My relationship fell over a cliff. My beloved shack, the home 
I had built, was a smoldering pile of ash. In a desperate 
attempt to pay back rent, I had borrowed a .22 and blown my 
best friend’s brains out -- a little brown goat named Buster.

I failed.
             So I left.
                          Homeless on the road beats wallowing 
             destitute under broken hope.