Neglected Powers


Last Word Press is proud to announce the release of a new collection of poems from New York poet Erik La Prade.

Erik La Prade is a free-lance journalist, poet and non-fiction writer focusing on art and artists, and an artist of his own merit. He was recently included in Alan Kaufman's Outlaw Bible of American Art (Last Gasp 2016). His previous works of poetry include: Movie Logic (2013), False Confessions (2011), and the   interview series BREAKING THROUGH: Richard Bellamy and the Green Gallery, 1960-1965 (2010).

La Prade brings a sardonic humor to the poems in this collection, while evincing a subtle homage to American literary history. Neglected Powers brims with the forgotten corners of New York and the ghosts of New England, using subtle turns of phrase and the poet's own memories. La Prade himself has said these poems are echoes created by encounters with friends, lovers, buildings and places visited or lived in over many years. They are collected from three previous chapbooks written over a period of about five years, while some have not been published in any collection until now.

Order a copy now from Amazon or from etsy for $12.95 plus shipping, or help a small press/independent bookstore out and order from us directly.

It all started with a letterpress...

It all started with a letterpress. It always starts with a letterpress. Some years ago we were nothing more than a ragtag band of rabble-rousers with a mild addiction for reading. Nothing heavy; adventure stories with pirates and buried treasure, a damsel in distress, rockets to Mars, magic swords and curses out of ancient Babylon. We ate myths and legends for dinner with a side of folklore for dessert. 

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