Anarchists Are Going to Eat Your Children

Anarchists Are Going to Eat Your Children
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Anarchists Are Going to Eat Your Children and other myths, misinformation & misunderstanding

A question and answer guide about anarchy, the Eugene community, and everything.


What is anarchy? The word itself comes from the Greek words that mean "against hierarchy." The basic idea is that no one should lead or rule another. While there are many types of anarchism—syndicalist, primitivist, green, social, liberation, etc.—nearly all share common ground. 

Anarchism has a long and varied history, which has produced a diverse flowering in the present. History, thought, philosophy, actions: to cover all this would fill a library with books. These few pages cannot hope to cover everything important, controversial, and of interest regarding anarchism, and anarchists. It is the product of a few individuals, each with their own beliefs, experiences, and desires. Consider it a starting point from which to explore.