Ancient Light: Poems

Ancient Light: Poems

Inspired by Hesiod’s Works and Days, Erik La Prade’s newest collection of poetry depicts the banality of urban life against the ineffable beauty of nature. In a confessional style reminiscent of skidrow poet Charles Bukowski, La Prade muses over old movies, the nature of love, and man’s place in the universe.

“Erik La Prade’s poetry is at the same time a confession and a story about places, people, things and situations, all elevated from the level of relation to the level of artistic creation.”

—Tomasz Marek Sobieraj Writer, photographer and editor of KRYTYKA LITERACKA

“A luminous La Prade’s previous works, this book contains incisive reflections on urban and suburban life and what it means to be human.”

—J. C. Halper Author of The Bibliomaniacs: Tales from a Tel Aviv Bookseller, 2022