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Anonymity/Security | Activist | Security | Anonymity | Zine | Brand New

Zines are available in pocket (4.25" x 5.5") and full (5.5" x 8.5") sizes.  Staple-bound zine. Cover stock may vary depending on materials on hand. Please ask if you require a digital version of this zine.

Every day we see new evidence of the State’s surveillance apparatus at work. Our cell phones are tracking devices; RFID chips threaten to make privacy impossible; surveillance cameras are on every street corner. Each new technological development brings with it a new encroachment into our lives and a new tool in the State’s arsenal of repression. With this techno-development increasing at an exponential rate, it is difficult not to feel lost, paranoid, or caged. We live in panopticon - even if the State’s eyes cannot be on us all at once, we can never be sure that we are not being watched at any given moment. This psychic omnipresence, coupled with the very real evidence of the surveillance apparatus’s repression of agents of revolt, creates paralysis. The threat of handcuff, courtroom, and jail cell stay our hand. We can reject paranoia and employ strategic anonymity that seeks to interfere with surveillance and repression wherever possible. While we cannot become invisible, we can evade their eyes where it counts.