Beggar's Handbook

Beggar's Handbook
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Beggar's Handbook | Brand New | Zine | Panhandling | Survival

Zines are available in pocket (4.25" x 5.5") and full (5.5" x 8.5") sizes.  Staple-bound zine. Cover stock may vary depending on materials on hand. Please ask if you require a digital version of this zine.

Beggar’s Handbook by M. T. Pockets; 40 page staple-bound pamphlet/zine. It is a sad but true fact of life in America today that people can be reduced to the status of begging on the streets. Anyone living in any medium to large city can attest to the fact that panhandlers are everywhere on the iran landscape. Some are aggressive and obnoxious while others are passive and restrained; all of them are very noticeable. Perhaps their visibility is enhanced because people do everything they can to ignore the panhandlers of America.

What is not so well known is how successful some panhandlers are. While most beggars hope to earn $10 to $12 per day from their panhandling, others earn as much as $200 a day and it is entirely possible that some earn significantly more—mind you, this is tax-free cash. What this book does is provide the reader with the techniques necessary to panhandle one's way into the higher income brackets. In this book you will learn how to select your intended giver, how to dress, how to select a location, how to use props, how to avoid the police, how to get along with other panhandlers, and the mistakes most panhandlers make.