Essays from the Minister of Defense

Essays from the Minister of Defense
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Essays from the Minister of Defense | Brand New | Zine | Huey P. Newton | Black Panthers | Black Power | Counterculture

Zines are available in pocket (4.25" x 5.5") and full (5.5" x 8.5") sizes.  Staple-bound zine. Cover stock may vary depending on materials on hand. Please ask if you require a digital version of this zine.

Essays from the Minister of Defense, by Huey P. Newton; 10 page staple-bound pamphlet. 
“Essays from the Minister of Defense” is a collection of truths, principles and beliefs practiced by the Black Panther Party. The writings come from the pen of Huey Newton, the Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party but the spirit of the writings, the faith expressed and the undying love for the black people exhibited therein comes from the souls of colonized black people. The people are the heroes.

The Black Panther Party is a vanguard party for we Africans in U.S. What we believe in is armed revolution, a permanent revolution, the creation of as many Viet Nams as are necessary to defeat U.S. racism and imperialism throughout the world. As you read “Essays from the Minister of Defense” you will begin to understand the principles for the armed revolution that is beginning in the U.S. If you carry out the principles, you will be a people’s warrior, and will be bringing black people and the oppressed people everywhere closer to freedom, justice, and equality throughout the world. The Minister of Defense is currently held in Alameda County Jail. Our slogan is Huey will be set free by any means necessary and if he is not set free the sky is the limit.