Guerrilla Gardening: Beneath the Concrete

Guerrilla Gardening: Beneath the Concrete


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Guerrilla Gardening: Beneath the Concrete | Brand New | Zine | Gardening

Zines are available in pocket (4.25" x 5.5") and full (5.5" x 8.5") sizes.  Staple-bound zine. Cover stock may vary depending on materials on hand. Please ask if you require a digital version of this zine.

Guerrilla Gardening by Anonymous; 36 page staple-bound pamphlet. 
In this day and age, growing your own food and saving your own seeds has become a revolutionary act. Creating and maintaining local autonomy free from the clutches of global financial institutions and agri-chemical “Life Science” corporations is the only alternative we have if we are going to save the planet and ourselves from extinction. We rely on large corporations for so much of the basics of our livelihood and it is time to show that there are alternatives to industrial agribusiness and that, given the opportunity and the resources, we are ready to put them into place.