Herbal Abortion | A Woman's DIY Guide

Herbal Abortion | A Woman's DIY Guide

Herbal Abortion | A Woman's DIY Guide | Brand New | Zine

Herbal Abortion: A Woman’s DIY Guide compiled and edited by Annwen; originally published by Godhaven Ink in the UK in 2002. 50 page staple-bound pamphlet (aka a zine). 

Abortion is not a modern invention. For millennia women have used a variety of plants to prevent or terminate pregnancy. Many of the herbs included have mythic reputations as aphrodisiacs because of their associations with freedom and sexuality, stemming from their use in ancient orgiastic cultures. As technological culture puts the power over our lives in the hands of a small number of hi-tech experts, women have stopped learning how to control their own fertility.

Herbal Abortion gathers some of the long-known knowledge of herbal abortion and puts it into a straightforward and practical pamphlet. Most of the substances mentioned are readily available, and all of them are known to be effective.

Herbal Abortion covers not only herbs but also other things such as home pregnancy testing kits that put control back into the hands of the individual woman.

Herbal Abortion empowers women and gives them a chance to learn how to affect their own reproductive systems.

Herbal Abortion is not a pamphlet of new and radical ideas, it is simply the perpetuation of age-old knowledge that has been systematically suppressed by those - from medieval witch-burners and clergy to modern day doctors and politicians - who would usurp the power of a woman's control over her own body.

Just because herbal abortion uses herbs does not mean It will be gentle or easy. There are certainly risks with any medical treatment. Natural does not equal safe. Having read this, a woman may well choose not to use an herbal method of abortion. But whatever she chooses, she will be making a more informed choice from a wider range of options, and she will better understand the workings of her own fertility.