Jabberwocky Poster

Jabberwocky Poster
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Jabberwocky Poster w/ words
by Lewis Carroll
Printed & published by
Last Word Press 2020
Dimensions: 11" x 17"
Brand New. Posters are printed on 80# glossy, card-stock paper and packaged in cardboard tubes to prevent creasing or damage during shipment.

Jabberwocky is a nonsense verse poem written by Lewis Carroll in his 1872 novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In a scene in which she is in conversation with the chess pieces White King and White Queen, Alice finds a book written in an seemingly unintelligible language. Realising that she is travelling through an inverted world, she recognises that the verse on the pages are written in mirror-writing. She holds a mirror to one of the poems, and reads the reflected verse of "Jabberwocky". She finds the nonsense verse just as puzzling as the odd land she has walked into, later revealed as a dreamscape. Jabberwocky is considered one of the greatest nonsense poems written in English. Its playful, whimsical language has given us nonsense words and neologisms such as "galumphing" and "chortle".