Pagan Favors

Pagan Favors
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Mark Sargent is a polymath. Hell, he might even be a fucking supernatural agent. He's busy and nothing seems to slow him down. These poems are a testament to his energy. He shoots these out into the ether pell-mell and we greedily grabbed them up and put them together into this collection of poems. They're amazing. So is he. Read them.

In the movie “M” Peter Lorre pleads with the gang that has captured him: “You are criminals because you choose to be, I am a criminal because I must be.”  Mark Sargent is a writer because he must be.  His poems come to him like wolves in the night hungry for flesh.  “Pagan Favors” provides evidence for why Plato banned poets from his Republic.

author of Student of the Hippocampus