Weather & other poems

Weather & other poems

Weather & other poems
Erik La Prade
New Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-944234-36-2

Erik La Prade’s new collection of poems Weather & other poems shifts effortlessly between the pastoral and the post-modern. Rarely does a poet make nature poetry so worth reading, or imbue daily life with lyric meaning. In these poems, La Prade probes his own reality and the shared reality we inhabit for glints of truth, the odd moment of insight, the fleeting glimpse of something behind the curtain.

Erik La Prade was born in New York City. He received his in English in 1978 and M.A. degree in Comparative Literature in 1990 from City College of New York.

His poems have appeared in Hot Summer Nights: A Collection of Erotic Poetry and Prose (Inner Child Press, 2012), Wildflowers, a Woodstock mountain poetry anthology (Woodstock, NY: Shivistan Publishing), Artist and Influence, Fish Drum, The Hat, The Reading Room, The Sienese Shredderand The New York Times. He has also served as Poetry Editor for The Reading Room.

La Prade's poem, "Baudelaire, Ashbery, Updike," earned Things Maps Don’t Show (Del Mar, CA: Aegis Press, 1995, pp. 43–44) a place in the Ashbery Research Center (ARC) archive of Bard College. ARC's copy of the book is shelved with a copy of correspondence from La Prade.

A collection of La Prade's interviews, Breaking Through: Richard Bellamy and The Green Gallery, 1960–1965, was published in 2010 by MidMarch Arts Press. The book traces the history of Bellamy's celebrated art gallery through interviews with twenty-three of its exhibited artists including Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist, and Frank Stella. A frequently cited source of information on the gallery, the book is archived at both the library of the Museum of Modern Artand at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library. La Prade has also published articles and interviews in Art Critical, Art in America, The Brooklyn Rail, NY Arts Magazine, Rain Taxi: A Review of Books, Night Magazine, Captured: A Film/Video History of The Lower East Side (Seven Story Press, 2005), and The Outlaw Bible of American Essays (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2006).