In the Word Shed

In the Word Shed


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By juxtaposition and surrealism Dan Raphael redefines the interconnectedness of all that is living, how it bangs and crashes against the inventions of man.  He seeks a chaos calculus, a flame retardant formula, a mathematics that can name the crashing, because "questions multiply the closer you get to action." Close enough to sense the consciousness of machines, appliances, how they feel, the madness of keeping track because "electricity was in the earth all these eons waiting for us".  And always the insistent questions: "how many bodies covered in ears/would it take to absorb the simultaneous utterance/that could change this wall of time"?  Yes, how many?  By the time that answer is received, the poet will have become a brick in that wall and the air around it because the poet is in and of the flux of everything and cannot get out.

In the Word Shed
© 2022 by dan raphael
ISBN: 978-1-944234-45-4